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There are 3 PILLARS to Sustainable, Rapid Body Transformation that when combined, make up the Transformation Engine behind the success of the 6 WEEK CHALLENGE…


PILLAR #1 is Fitness: our proven method has unlocked the fat-burning potential that lasts for up to 72 hours after working out!


PILLAR #2 is NUTRITION and how the key to sustainable weight loss is being able to enjoy what you eat (and have it designed just for you) so you can do it forever...


Now PILLAR #3 is ACCOUNTABILITY and it’s the one thing 100% of all Clients need! We are the GPS that helps you get to your fitness destination no questions asked! 

6 Week Transformation

$2,598.00 Regular Price
$1,299.00Sale Price
  • With our 6 Week transformation we guarantee results or you pay nothing else until you do!


    • L&D Fitness has a results-guarantee on the 42-Day Program. The results guarantee states that if the participant does not show a loss of at least ____lbs in the 42-Day Program that they will receive an additional 42 Days (6 weeks) of coaching service. For the guarantee to be upheld, the participants will need tofulfill one of the following

    • A-Pictures of the scale after weigh in, first thing in the morning, sent daily to their assigned coach

    • B-Honestly record all consumed food into given food log

    • C-Provide a weekly weigh-in at the gym, in person, and record on check-in sheet

    • D-Provide evidence of walking at least twice per week for a minimum of 30 minutes eac

    • E- Respond to all messages sent from their assigned coach and other staff members

    • F-Attend 3 total meetings: Nutrition Orientation, Halfway Check-In, End of Challenge Meeting


    If the client does not complete the compliance measurements noted above, it will void any guarantee and agreement of extended time of service for free.


  • The client is placing a financial deposit of $999 USD to reserve their spot in the program. Upon completion of the agreement, their deposit will be credited towards a continuation program of at least 90 days in duration. Once coaching materials have been received, all financial deposits are final and non-refundable and may only be transferred to additional services.

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