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About L&D Fitness

At L&D Fitness, Landell, David & our coaches are committed to you and your goals. Your nutrition and fitness is the TOP PRIORITY and our PASSION. Let L&D Fitness be your first step on the journey towards reaching your goals, without sacrificing the things you love.

Meet the Trainers


Landell Cade

Landell Cade has always been an athlete, from football to golf to body building. While he worked in law enforcement, he served as a high liability instructor and trained thousands of recruits on the importance of physical fitness as well as other critical variables of being in law enforcement. After leaving law enforcement and pursuing personal training, Landell grew a passion for educating and training people on fitness and nutrition.

What we do for you

The pricing tiers are a base price to work around. Every person is different, and has their own preference to training and nutrition. After meeting with Landell and David during the Game Plan, the first week you will update the trainers every day on what you ate and if you did any kind of exercise. We emphasize to keep to your normal routine so we can see the adjustments that actually need to be made. Then at the end of the first week, L&D will meet with you again to discuss what they plan for you and how they will go about training and nutrition. Then they will go over packages and pricing. The game plan and first week are completely free.

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